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This page gives you a brief overview of the Flight Attendant Induction Programme which consists of Pre-course Learning activities and the Induction Training Course. Click on Pre-Training, Training and Development for details.

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A Pre-course Package will be provided to equip the successful applicants with some basic entry level knowledge for the training. To help reinforce the learning, a series of workshops and activities will be available.

One of the best ways to help successful applicants understand the F/A job is to offer an opportunity for them to act as a passenger. For Hong Kong recruits, successful applicants can sign up to attend a session to sit in the training mock-up as a passenger and experience being served a full inflight meal by trainees. Outport recruits will have a similar experience when they fly as a passenger on a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong to attend their training.

The workshops include a visit to the Training Centre where they will meet their classmates and trainers who will share more in depth knowledge about food, beverage and the service equipment on board. To learn more about make-up and skin care, the recruits will also have the opportunity to attend a special briefing by make-up professionals.

Since language plays a vital role in the Flight Attendant job, a service language workshop that aims to polish interactive skills in preparation for any job as a professional service provider is also provided.

All these activities aim to equip the new recruits with the fundamental knowledge needed for completing the entry test at the start of the Training.